Let’s Talk Hookup – Southern California Fishing Radio Show

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“Let’s Talk Hook-up” is a 2 hour live fishing and boating radio talk show that is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m to 9 a.m on XX1090 AM, the number one sportfishing radio channel in California. 1090 broadcasts with a whopping 50,000 watts and clear channel, meaning that there is no other station west of the Mississippi that shares the same frequency and could cause interference.

“Let’s Talk Hook-up” radio show covers both freshwater and saltwater fishing in the ares of Southern California and Baja Mexico.  From fly fishing for trout to saltwater fishing for 400-pound tuna, “Let’s Talk Hook-up” is sure to please any Southern California angler or anyone on the internet who wants to learn about how fishing happens in California.  The show features live fishing reports from Baja Mexico, call-in talks from skippers who are out there fishing on the water, as well as current news from local fishing landings.

Listeners are encouraged to call in and speak with fishing experts on the air via 877-792-1090 or 858-457-1090.

“Let’s Talk Hook-up” airs 7 a.m to 9 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday on the “XX 1090AM”.

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